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Our Services

No swanky office, no draggy meetings, no costly quotes. We're offering fuss-free visual effects from experienced artists at affordable (well, cheap) rates.

We're often asked to...

...key her!

Sick of all that green? Let's replace it with something more exciting shall we?.

...rotoscope them!

When someone forgot to bring that big green something. Oh, no worries...

...add this!

Add objects to the scene. For example a bunch of dices frozen in time mid-air...

...remove that!

Removal of wires, rigs, boom poles, gaffers, pedestrians, bad actors, etc.

...change the sky!

When that perfect grey solid sky is ruined by fluffy white clouds on perfect blue...

...make it snow!

Rain, snow, dust storm, what have you. None probably, we'll add it for you!

...stabilise it!

Let's make that shaky handheld footage look ooooh sooooo smooooooooooth...

...add screens!

Mobile screens. Tablet screens. Laptop screens. TV screens. So. Many. Screens.

We also do...


Text or graphic on top of the footage or integrated in to a moving scene.

Sign Replacements

Change the text of a sign, a label, a license plate, a store front, etc.

Colour Correction

Match footage shot on different equipment, reduce light flicker, etc.


It's kinda self-explanatory.


Clean up the footage of scratches, dust, noise, missing frames, etc.


That's bullet hits and bullet holes and muzzle flashes. Such violence...


Pimples, bruises and scars be gone! Your digital make-up artist.

Set Extensions

That budget only got you half a set? We'll put in the other half.

And probably a whole lot more. Just ask!

Get in touch

No job too small

We've basically done it all - big budget features, micro budget music videos, and everything in between. Please get in touch with even the smallest (and weirdest) of requests. Whether it's a bunch of shots for a music video/commercial/film, or just a one second clip for Instagram shot on your phone.


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